Monday, July 1, 2013

I painted my ride.

This is it for now. My leg is still mending so mountain biking is just not happening yet, and motorcycles are definitely out for now. The Electra Townie has a forward crank and relaxed geometry which means I can sit on the seat with feet at the ready when I stop. On other bikes I need to hop down from the seat - which is not a good thing at the moment. I've been riding it for awhile, even before I was off crutches. I would crutch out to the garage and hop on. It was sure nice to ride when getting around was not so easy. This townie had big white empty fenders. They did not stay that way long. I painted it a little hippy with healing symbols thrown in for good measure.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Abstract Painting: Life Time

I participated in a local Creativity Workshop over several weeks. I learned so much and enjoyed it, too. It was led by a friend and professional artist, Nelda Sheets. We learned to meditate for creativity and I produced some color sketches and this painting is based on one of those. During the meditation, we were thinking about life almost in a molecular way and as a light or energy. The hourglass shape is really two cells separating. The lower portion is my parent's light as life is being transferred to me (above).
In a way its a view of all life; Its a temporary state, the physical part anyway. The swirl in the upper portion is "sacred geometry". Its a common pattern found in nature, like the spiraling out form of a snail's shell or the radiating center of certain cactus plants. To me it is a universal pattern or building block of life. I have more sketches from the work shop and will be painting more abstracts. This one is called, "Life Time". Its acrylic on canvas and measures 36" X 48". If you are local, its hanging out at the Annex until mid August along with some of my other works.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring time and I'm sitting still

Me and a mountain biking friend planned this two day ride out in West Texas at X-Bar Ranch. We love to get away on a new-to-us trail. I had been wanting a new bike, so 2 days before we were to leave, I went and picked up a sweet one; A Salsa El Mariachi 3. I had been wanting a steel frame forever, and when I saw it in a 29er on sale that fit me, well that tipped the scales. That was on March 10th. I rode it before we left to make sure it fit, then I rode it the two days we were gone on our trip, then I rode it as soon as we got back. Then I rode it out at Rocky Hill Ranch. I rode it ever chance I got. Now when I look back I remember telling some one I had it three weeks, but thats just not true. I had it from March 10th until March 20th. Thats only 10 days. Now I realize I "felt" like I had had it three weeks. I still have it, but a friend has had it borrowed since March 20th. I have not ridden since March 20th, nor rode my motorcycle, nor drove my car. Because on March 20, near the end of a long ride on my new mountain bike, I went down and I broke my leg. Lower leg, both bones. I now realize, as overjoyed as I was, I was too tired to be riding that day. The lesson learned; Be careful with new bikes. I'm going to be sitting for awhile watching spring outside my window. I was kinda feeling sorry for myself, but after yesterday and all the horror in Boston, I'm fine.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Caddo Lake and Bald Cypress trees

Caddo Lake and Bald Cypress trees; aka Shamans and the Ladies of Caddo Lake. The Shaman "revealed" himself to me right away, thats what my friend Simone said. I've always seen the Shaman there, not understanding all the details even now, but he is there. The Caddo Ladies were revealed more slowly. They are very lady-like and beautiful in their traditional clothing. I'm learning more about the Caddo people. These are both studies. Larger ones are on the way. Sometimes I think inspiration finds us. You just have to be open to whats in front of you. I went seeking more meaning in my work and I think I found a lot more than that.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Every year I try to paint a winter painting. It usually has snow in it. I miss the snow, especially a quiet morning when the ground is covered and the snow is falling. This is this years. "Calves in the Snow" 30" x 40"